Monday, February 18, 2013

Better Late Than Never!

Ok, I know some of these are SUPER late but I still want to share what we have done so far!!!

Today I introduced my super fun rodeo/cowboy workstations!  I was so proud of my kiddos for working through them.  We are covering measurement in math right now so there is a few different kinds of measurement activities in there.  You can check out my Rodeo/cowboy unit on my TpT page.

Now....I want to share with you some of our writing that we have been doing with our past units as well.  I know this is like 3 posts in one.... Sorry :/

We did a dental Unit and my kids made these adorable Tooth Fairy glyphs with writing.  Some of them were so creative!  My favorite little boy said he would go to space and get alien teeth too! 

Now, marshmallow fun!  I had at least 10 bags of marshmallows leftover from Christmas and didn't know what to do so we played a little game I saw on Pinterest (of course)....

 I actually felt crummy on this day and in my sweetest teacher voice passed it out and said start over after you fill up your mouth and leave me alone for a couple minutes....hehe.  And to my surprise, they did!  They loved playing with the marshmallows and I had 15 minutes of semi-cotrolled quietness.  AND no one ate any!!! I know right! 

Ok....Lastly, this is for all the parents out there!  We really enjoyed having a 100th day parade!

 The class was so excited because we got to walk through 5th grade classrooms and be on the morning TV show infront of the whole school!  My kiddos and parents worked so hard on their projects!  I was super proud!