Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Weather and MLK

I feel like I take pictures of the same stuff every year, but it's just so gosh-darn cute! Haha!
In January we study weather and seasons (a little more than you typical calendar time talk). We always start with the book "Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs" and talk about the weather man's job forecasting. Then we make our own weather forecast!

I love how some Martin's look a little Hispanic with the handlebar going on!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and In-between!

Sometimes I feel guilty for not keeping up with the blog as much as I want to, then I realize....I'm a full time working, mother of 2! Haha! So I give myself a break! But I still want to share my Thanksgiving and Christmas pictures!
Yes, it was that time of year to get a handle on all the talking! My class really enjoyed the book as well!

These are some pictures of my Thanksgiving math stations I created to help practice some of our standards that we had been working on.
"Mayflower Mix-up" was my favorite! We had recently had our first math benchmark and one of the hardest areas was having an equation given to us and finding the right story problem to match it. So, we matched equations to story problems as our station! They loved it and caught on really well! 
We were counting nickels and pennies in "Cornucopia Counting" 
Then before and after two different ways! 10 before and 10 after as well as 1 before and 1 after in ""Compass Counting".
And who can't benefit from some good old base ten counting in "Teepee Tens"!
I discovered the most useful thing ever! Take a picture of your anchor charts to help kids who don't sit near them when they are writing. When kids come to my table they face away from my anchor chart area so the iPad was SO helpful!
Yes, I am modeling our Thanksgiving Program Turkeys! The kids looked so cute! 
This is my youngest, sitting by her daddy, at the Cowboy's Stadium in Arlington. We had to go see the Bobcats when they made it to playoffs!
Me and my oldest....and yes, that is wet hair! It was pouring rain when we got there! Poor girls! 
One of our Anchor Charts

I love to theme them when I can! Yay!
After we watched the original Grich movie for our recess break we talked about what we could have done to make the Grinch's heart grow.  We had Mrs. Block's class join us! (She had never seen the original movie and I almost had a heart attack!)
My helpers! I had come up with some more Christmas stations! 

I love to Laminate!!!! Best way to motivate myself!
Don't ask! It happens to everyone!
The class loves doing Math Mini Journals!
And of course sitting at the carpet to work!
Santa came to visit us and read us a book! "Moosletoe"
We had fun making these reindeer hats at our Christmas party!
Little game of Pin the Nose on Rudolph! 
We're missing Mrs. block!
Best part of having a student who's parents own Donutopia!!! 
My kids are so weird! She called him a Catfish!
proud mommy moment! My little Jersey was in the Nutcracker for the first time!