Friday, August 8, 2014

Projects Galore!

For 6 years now I have been drawing elkonin boxes and handwriting lines on the board while I teach my small groups or RTI rotations.  But I always felt it was distracting for the kids to have to wait in between each word we segmented for me to draw the boxes.  I could have used chart tablets but I'm know to be pretty frugal so I save the chart paper for super special anchor charts ;) So, I determined this summer to make a board that would be so much more time efficienct. And fun of course!
First, I looked for a board that was a perfect size and double sided.  This was a challenge so I found the next best thing at Hobby Lobby.  I grabbed a plain 18" x 24" white board (with the 40% coupon!) and went to lowes and had them cut it in half.  They were a little scared at first but it was a great job!  I didn't even have to sand it.  
Then I went to my local Auto Zone and grabbed a pack of pin stripe tape.....
I had my sister help me out a bit to make my lines straight-ish!

I needed my sisters help peeling the tape....I'm a nail biter, don't tell anyone!

Now I don't have to draw the boxes or lines again!!!!! I am doing the happy dance just thinking about it!

Now I'm just going to glue them together with some E6000 and TA-DA! 

It was a fairly cheap and easy job! 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Getting back into the Groove!

Used the new school laminator today!!!! Had so much fun I thought I should make a freebie!

Go to my TPT store to get my cubbie numbers for free! I'm going to also make a second set and put in on a ring for my student helper of the day.  

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Changes are coming!

Just a little tip, I am working on changing up my blogger layout!  If things look a little different, I will have it done ASAP!