Monday, July 8, 2013

Projects Galore!

Ok.....Now all you teachers can be jealous!  This was the First thing I did when I moved....pretty sad huh! 12x18

So I wanted to show off some of my summer projects....I love to share things (hopefully it doesn't come off as bragging, lol)!  This is to hold my letter tiles for small group instruction.  I will probably place it behind my guided reading table so it is easy to access.
I bought this at Wal-Mart for under $12 in the tool section.

I found some cute orange chevron paper from Hobby Lobby and made a template with my girls scrap construction paper.

Then I got to choppin!
I made sure they fit ....

Added the Letters and Used this double-Sided dot tape from Hobby Lobby.

Goes on clear! 

This is a top picture showing that there is a little ledge you can store things in!  kinda's the little things that make us teachers smile!
I also went to Lowe's and bought the 22 drawer organizer and started making my Labels for that! After I spray paint it black to match I will add a pic to show you!

Check out my Stud muffin! This is not his favorite thing to do but since I moved back up to first grade....and I wasn't gonna leave that awesome thing back in kindergarten! Having a reading loft in First Grade was one of my most favorite things ever!!!

I might....might....MIGHT paint it....I've had it 3 years and just haven't gotten the motivation to tackle that project yet.

So, Project number bazillion....I got 6 frames at the famous Dollar Tree!

I totally found this off Pinterest and wanted to try it out!

I plan on adding some heavy duty magnets to the back with E6000 (both found at Hobby Lobby) and place them on my magnetic White Board