Monday, September 1, 2014

Week one, check!

Well, we all survived the first week madness!  I love starting a new year and getting to see the potential that is coming!  Granted, it can be scary to see the surprise challenges and obstacles that can make it harder!  My goal is to have a positive attitude everyday and work my hardest to push each one of my new kids as far as they can go.....(which feels almost literal at times!)

Here are a few snaps of our first few days of school....

We warmed up our brains with a little number review and manipulative exploration! 

The we learned how to "shop" for books before "Read to Self". 

We worked on "Stamina" (practicing reading independently while following classroom expectations)
Building "Stamina" can be challenging.  We compare building "stamina" to working out at the gym. I make the analogy that if you work out wrong at the gym your muscles will build wrong and look funny (gotta bring it down to there level, remember).  And if you practice reading wrong then you brain will not learn it right.  

Something new I've been working on are ABC tracing cards.  I went to a workshop this summer and read in one of the books of a study done with tracing cards and the rate of letter/sound recognition success.  

My little girls were eager to be the first ones to use them! 

 Next step is laminating and putting them on a ring! I'll tell you how they work later!

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