Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Freebie and our October stuff!

I know I've shown you before but......Check out my Thanksgiving/Columbus Clipart Pack!
Check out this freebie using my Thanksgiving clipart for Thanksgiving Patterns on my TpT store!
Here are a couple of our CUTE Columbus Journey Maps we made! The kids LOVE bringing out their markers! When we were learning about Columbus we did a brain file to talk about our schema....My favorite misconception...."He was a famous singer!" I love kids!


Then we read the cute story Where's My Mummy  and we talked about how our "Mummy" helps us when we are scared.  We all started with the same writing stem "When I'm scared my mummy...."

These are some of our math "tubs" we have been working on to help enforce the math concepts we are learning.  Kids love "sums of ten"! You cover the mat then find as many ways to get a sum of ten as possible. 

This is "Under the Cup" covering missing addends.
"Race to a Flat" practicing base 10. 

Here the kiddos flip over two cards and make number sentences for each parnter.  They then record both partners' number sentences and compare <,>, or = between the two number sentences.

This girl got through a ton of math "fact family triangles"!!! You can find these on my TpT store! They love to write with dry erase!!

"Follow the Leader" I found in some small domino activity book and remade the recording sheet using a cute font (I am a total addict!) They choose a domino to be the leader then in three different columns they sort and record which dominos are less than, equal to, and great than the leader.

This is my "money math" game similar to "Race to a Flat".  The students take turns rolling a die and counting out that many pennies.  Then when they fill a ten frame they exchange it for a dime.  Then when the time is up they record their money and compare who has more/less.  Then we end with a spinner telling us who won (least amount or greatest.)
Hope these pictures help encourage and motivate!!!! I am ALWAYS looking for ideas and activities to help me get throught the day!!!