Thursday, February 26, 2015

Measuring and money!

We have introduced our official "measurement" unit in math with a little rainbow measuring.  My kids LOVE to use a ruler!  (Probably because we never use them!) So they were highly engaged! (Insert ROY G BIV mini lesson since they were such good listeners!)

I gave them Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue strips and we measured and cut strips decreasing in size by 2" each. We then measured each strip with cubes and compared the difference in totals when using two different sized units. (Math talk, blah, I know!)


Today we got REAL money to sort!  It's the little things in life that can perk up a lesson!  And of course, ANY chance to write on the table with dry erase will engage any student!

This is "Shopaholic".  The students practice double digit addition using dimes and pennies and grocery items on index cards. (So much easier and storage efficient to use clippings from the newspaper than empty boxes taped shut.)

Then we worked on "What's my word worth" adding up our spelling words.....This was a fun twist to practicing spelling words and incorporating math!

You can snag some of my money stuff  below

Money Madness Counting Activity Pack

Money Math Game

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Seasons and weather snipits

Well, this year I didn't get to do as much as I usually do with seasons and weather but I thought I would share a couple pictures!

We usually make individual weather graphs  for a week and predict the weekend weather. We did this this year but for some reason things got crazy and they didn't get completed the way they usually do. 

We always read "Cloudy With a Chance of Meetballs" and then do our own weather forecast writing.  This is so fun for the kids to imagine what it would be like if things were raining from the sky. 

Soup Cans



Then we made some fun foldable trees for our seasons.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

100th Day Fun!

Oh! My! Gosh! That is all I can say about today!
 First, it's a Monday (insert unplesant feeling here).
Second, it's the 100th day of school. (Take away any thoughts of a normal schedule here).
Third, it's Ground Hog's Day (scramble to throw in a mini lesson or short video). predicted based on classroom mood and atmosphere.....tonight is a full moon.
(Continue with thoughts of drowning all day.)

As a teacher, I almost pride myself in being able to predict moon patterns and weather forecasts, lol! 

Having said that, it was actually a successful day!  We started with a few 100th day puzzles and dice games.  Then wrote 100 words. Shockingly they LOVED this activity! (Probably because they got to wander with clip boards and talk.....loudly.....while i turned the other cheek. (I don't want to be the quite police all the time!)
My favorite thing was the Hershey's Kisses scavenger hunt. You would have thought I gave them all a $100 or a cell phone! They were so excited! 

After we found all the kisses we checked them off on our 100's chart to see if we weren't missing any.

This is always an interesting activity for the kids....they can't wait to tell me what they wouldn't want!

Next we get the digits for 100 and create something!

I was so impressed with the stories this year!

This is the solar system!
I really have some writers this year!  Can't wait to do some more things with them!