Friday, August 9, 2013

Morning Meeting Must Haves Pack!

I now have my packet of "Morning Meeting" printables on TpT if you are interested!  Now, I didn't create the wheel here, Lol!  This is just my spruced up conglomeration of the things I have used in the past.  I take no credit for my works..........well, except the clipart!  I did draw those myself!  I charge a small fee for 55 pages of printables......{Lots of sweat (mouse/hand syndrome!) and tears went into making them, haha!}
Hope you enjoy!  Any questions, ideas, or suggestions for more Morning Meeting Fun just message me!!! Each year I try a little harder to make this time as useful and productive as possible!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Calendar Craziness!

So, since I am at a new grade, I have re-done my Clalendar/Morning Meeting stuff.....Again!  I feel like that is the one thing that changes every year (for the better)

I think this is a temporary set up....If you notice the PomPom magnets holding up some of it.  I have 2" numbers that will go on the pink poster (Who's not here?) and when the students come in they will move their number to the Daily Graph (lunch count).  I will use VisAVis Markers to write next to the orange tray and blue tray what we are having for lunch choices.  (We offer two choices, obviously.) I did this last year and it worked great for me to see who was not in yet/absent or who hadn't made their lunch choice.  And it was a quick, easy way to count up the choices.  I will probaby allow my student helper to change the rings on the black poster.  And I plan on having them make the date with tally marks and money then the class will check it. 

I will include some more pictures soon!!! 

Here is a link to get your Free copy of my Noise O Meter!
 This is my wordwall.....My first attempt almost made me cry!  I wandered around San Angelo looking for that perfect letter to go on my black circles and one day accedentally found these awesomely cute die-cuts at Wal-Mart!  Last colored pack at the store.  So I spend a while aranging just the right colors and gluing in the propper place, then the laminator really jacked them up!!! I was too impatient and didn't let the laminator warm up long enough (even though the ready light was on! TEMPTRESS)  So I tried ironing them to get it to seal, then I ran it through the laminator again.....Needless to say, I threw the first set out!  This is my second attempt....and if you look close a few of the letters didn't seal very good again....I think our school lamiator just doesn't want to work over the summer!!! Now, my FAVORITE thing about a word wall is making it interactive and personal!!! After we put a word up (I use Ticky-Tac), the students can go up to the wall and take the word off and go sit down with it!  They love being able to take the words on and off!!!! I feel like they use the word wall more because they feel like it belongs to them! 

Last pic......My NEW CAFE labels!!! I will just staple the strategies ontop of the ribbon!  I AM EXCITED!!!!! You can have it for FREE too!