Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Not so beginning of the year!

I'm I'm I am so excited! I have been blessed beyond belief with a low class size this year! I started with 17! ........dropped to 14! .....then got a new little guy three days ago, and he's so good! So now I'm at 15! It's been wonderful! Our district is really pushing writing and guided reading (which I have always loved) and my low numbers have really helped with management.

Although, I have been a procrastinator about blogging! I want to share some fun things we have done so far! Sorry for the hodge-podge of subjects!
Starting with the beginning of the beginning.... 
Every summer the custodial crew takes ALL our furniture out and waxes the every summer I have to set ALL of my stuff back up! Which is a love hate topic of my life! Some summers it helps me get a little more organized....but then sometimes I bite off more than I can chew! Haha!
This is the view of my loft from the door. 
This is my favorite purchase from this summer! It now holds all my guided reading and math items I might need. And it rolls so gracefully! It was from ikea.
I copied this idea from another blog (I'll have to link it late!) and I am so excited about it! I am training my first graders how to use it this week! 

These are some of the first week of school graphs and charts we do so I always get them ready during staff development.

Here we are "exploring" the manipulatives.

Here is a little journal writing! We are practicing "Cool Blue Capitals" with our fancy blue felt-tip markers!

We had some special 3rd grade super heroes visit our class and share poems they had written!
They were so proud!

Let the math games and stations begin!

For open house we totally copied a Pinterest idea! We made portraits so our parents could find our chairs! They looked so cute!
Last but not least......this is me and my family in our "First day of School" pic! Man, we made some beautiful girls! (I'm allowed to say that, right!?)