Saturday, April 9, 2016

Follow the Yellow brick Road!

Wow! I found this awesome freebie on The First Grade Parade blog! We were working on story elements on our weekly assessment and turning a writing draft this week and this activity was a GREAT review for the kids! AND they loved it!
I laid out a handful of my most recent read aloud books and had the kids LITERALLY follow the yellow brick road and discuss each prompt as they stepped on it. This helped with our writing assessment because we were writing a letter to our teacher about our favorite book. There letters came out amazing! I was also surprised at how much of the old books they remember! 
Their pictures of their favorite characters added a cute touch also! 

Easter Fun and Scavenger Hunt

More Easter and Math! Can you tell when I get my camera out most!

This year I did something a coworker had done at her previous school.  We had a Math "Scavenger" Easter egg hunt!

The morning of our Easter scavenger hunt we had a math review page to answer. Then I had enough eggs where each kid had to find one with the answer written on it. This blue egg is a greater than symbol! They kept saying "I found a 7! But there isn't a problem with a 7!"

This was a cute Easter writing prompt and craft one of my coworkers did.  Such a cute activity! Think it might go into our plans for next year!

Only in Texas can you find this kind of Easter basket! Haha!

Fraction fun!

We began our official study of fraction by exploring our Cuisenaire Rods (I can never spell that right!?)
We also used a little St. Patrick's Day fun to help us practice shaded parts out of a whole.
And nothing says March like Peeps and Easter!
This time of the year we are just reviewing constantly!