Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Math, Oh My!

So, math has been on my mind this year! Our standards given by the district have changed and caused me to rethink how and what I am focusing on in math! I wanted to share an old "Math Their Way" game revamped that my students loved!

Under the Cup: Student 1 rolls the dice and counts out that many cubes.  Then has student 2 cover their eyes while they cover some of the cubes up.  Then student 1 will write a missing addend equation (number sentence). Student 2 will use the white board to draw a picture to help them solve for the missing addend.  They love trying to trick their partner! 
The example pictures are of my own girls practicing the game!
We are starting to slowly cover fact families (during math tubs practice) and I created some simple "Fact Family" Triangles for the kids to fill out.  Anything DRY ERASE is always fun for the kids!!!