Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Peeps A Plenty!

So, I've been working for a while on some fun Easter activities and I'm finally done!

Here are a few before pics to see how it's done, lol! 

Cut and cut and cut some more! 

Then I took them all home and had my two little guinea pigs test them out for me! This was a lot of help for me! My oldest found 3 mistakes and I was able to edit them right there! 

I laid all 12 of the activities out and told them to pic some they wanted to do.......My second grader sat there all afternoon and did all 12, proudly, lol!

"Jelly Beans For Sale" practices counting coins.

"Bunny Families" is where she was taking the bunny's 3 numbers and writing all the fact family number sentences for it.

My first grader loved "Egg Hunt Time" because she finished before her sister was done with her activity, and everything is a competition right now!

We used Tic-Tacs on "Special Order Peeps" to help us work on ABC order.  Best part was eating them after!

Next we worked on "Counting Peeps" where we put the peeps in counting order and wrote the patterns down.

My Second Grader said that "Flower Fragments" was the hardest.....because she actually had to think, lol!
If you are interested in my Easter Pack click on the link below.