Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back to School Give Away!

Ok, I have never done a give away before but I would like to try!  I know a lot of us have already started school but I still want to share with y'all! 
I am giving away my Back to School Clipart Pack


The way to qualify is to follow my blog, and leave a comment through rafflecopter.  I will then pick TWO lucky folks!  (I am crossing my fingers this works right, since its my first giveaway!!!)
This offer ENDS September 13, 2013! Thats Right! Friday the 13th!  LOL!  I will announce the winners within 48 hours!  I will then contact the winners via EMAIL.  Good luck! And hope you enjoy checking out my blog!!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

And On the 7th Day.....

Well, I don't know about y'all but I made is 7 WHOLE SCHOOL DAYS before my first melt down, LOL!  (And yes "y'all" I am a Texan!)  Surprisingly enough, it really wasn't school itself, but all my after school obligations with my girls!  AND, a not so fun trip to the municipal court to pay for a few tickets (all dismissable ladies! don't judge)
So, I took a few pics of some of our first week graphs we have made.

Day one we make a transportation graph and talk about it.  I swear I never cut the butcher paper long enough!
Then we did a birthday graph (Teachers, you know we really do this for us!!!)
 And my favorite, the eye color pie chart!!!!  This idea came from Abby Lee's Kindergarten blog.  My gradelevel did it last year when I was in kindergarten but you would have never known by the reaction from my first graders as I put the last piece up and it made a circle!  (AND 17/21 where here in kindergarten!)
This is a quick snip of our CAFE Strategies board.  Granted, I wish we had gotten to more strategies but I just can seem to find the time.....It is crazy at the beginning of the year! 

Last year I decided to try homemade book bags because I was tired of bying boxes and I loaned my totes to a coworker and decided to let her have them.  So, I asked parents to bring an old (child sized) Tshirt and I did a little cosmetic touches to them and TADA!  The kids love that they have their own personal book bag that is made out of a shirt.  And the best part so far is that it is REALLY fool proof when I tell them to go get their bag.  I don't have to wait while they look on every label to try and find theirs!

One of my students favorite things right now are the pointers.  I have purchased cheap stir sticks from Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree, and other places then put them in a pen organizer and let them grab one when they head to work on Daily 5.  Trust me, this is a HUGE motivator to read.....(as well as a distraction for some, lol)