Monday, February 27, 2012

First ever Kindergarten Field trip!

Wow, Friday was my first time to take my kinder kiddo's on a field trip!  It was crazy!  We got to go to our local Fair Grounds for the day.  I am pretty sure that any parents that went with me probably think I'm a scatterbrain, but that's what happens when you take 21 kids to a petting zoo.....Did I mention, AT the same time as at least 6 other classes! 

We saw a ground hog, Some white tigers, and a funky robot!  Then we fed a cage full of canaries, the typical petting zoo gang, AND we got to feed and pet Lemurs!!!  They were SOOO cute!

And yes,  I did bring my 3 and 4 year old with us on the field trip.  And their daddy too, although, I'm not sure if he will ever come on a field trip with me again.

I will say, always know what you are doing, BEFORE, you go on a field trip, lol.  And, bring extra bandaids because no scratch is ever too small!

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