Thursday, June 20, 2013

Change is in the Air!

Well, I taught two wonderful years in kindergarten but I am packing up and moving back up to first grade!  I am pretty pumped.  don't get me wrong, I loved Kindergarten most of the time, but MAN it is one hard job!  It takes a special person to have the energy to keep up with 22 five year olds all day long!  Anyways...There are so many things I could say about kindergarten and first grade that would be wonderful and scary, But I will just show you my first project for the summer! 

So, I made a little "World Book" to go along with our "community/world we live in" Study.
 These are my models!  The one cutting will be in First grade this year.... and my blond "watching", will be in kindergarten this coming year. 


I love the, "Gah MOM! Get out of my face, can't you see I'm cutting here!" look!
Shockingly she cuts really good with that right hand even though she is a south paw! (I always secretly wanted to be a leftie, and now I can just live vicariously through my 6 year old!!!)
She loves to take pics, hah!
I asked her to draw some things she knows are in our town and she drew Dollar Tree.....You can tell she's a teachers kid, lol!
I promise I only helped with one little corner of her Texas drawing! (Because she was almost in tears, that it didn't look right.....perfectionist!)

You can purchase this book on my TpT link below! 

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