Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Reading Challenge, Coast to Coast

Our school participates in the Accelerated Reader program and we decided to be a part of the "Coast to Coast" challenge on February 28th.  We read and tested ALL day long.  (With the exception of taking our weekly assessments.) In order to make it fun I called for "Flashlight Friday". I came up with the idea Thursday after school so I emailed as many parents as I could and asked them to send their child with a flashlight if they had one.  Then I stopped by my favorite supply resource store (a.k.a Dollar Tree) and bought glow stick bracelets.  Talk about the CHEAPEST way to motivate a student to read and track!  They LOVED it!  I will for sure bring "Flashlight Friday" back to the classroom often!

Our school even gave out prizes to kids participating in the AR challenge.  (These were randomly draw but the kids got some good gifts!

I think this fella is still surprised at his awesome football! I kinda wanted it!

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