Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Life science! (And Easter Extras!)

Here is some of my Easter Packet in action with my class this year. They LOVED it!!!

These boys are working through "Jelly Beans For Sale" and they were so proud of themselves.

These girls were working through "Special Order Peeps" where they practiced
ABC order.

"Counting Peeps" was a fun way to find patters and order numbers.

Here they practiced using eggs as counters and they did "Missing Eggs" to find missing addends.
This little guy was such a ham! He loved getting his picture taken!

One of their favorites (and most challenging) was "Flower Fragments" where they matched sentence fragments to each other. 

After Easter we started some of our life science fun! We worked on Living and Non Living first. WARNING! Don't let students use magazines unsupervised, HAHA!

The class LOVED making Habitat Diaramas!

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