Saturday, August 6, 2011

NEW Traffic Light

    Ok, so I have told y'all that this is my first year teaching kinder and I have been trying to decide what to do on discipline.  Well, my brain has pretty much been fried since I have spent 85% of my summer AT the school trying to get moved, cleaned up, and organized.  Since my brain cells aren't working up to par, I decided to just go with the basic traffic light system my coworkers use. 
    That left me with finding one.  I thought about making one with wood and paint and clothes pins, but that involves buying supplies and working.  Then, I thought I could find a poster of one at the teacher store.  Of course, they were sold out.  So I looked into the pocket chart one and I would have had to order it, because they were sold out of it too.  That would have left me $30 dollars out-of-pocket, which was just too much considering I have spent so much already on paint and new class bulletin decor. 
    This left me with one option...rummage through my sewing supplies.  Of course, God was on my side last night, because I had EXACTLY the right amout of Red, Yellow, and Green felt and iron-on letters (which I randomly had left over from a "paper doll" craft for Jersey).  I made this last night and have to say, I am pretty excited about it!!! 

  I am going to take pics of the kiddos on the first day, cut out, laminate, and then glue velcro to the back.  I might even use teacher badge sleeves to put the pics in that way I can reuse them if a new student comes in or one moves out!  I am super pumped.

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