Friday, July 29, 2011

Yeah! Construction and paint!

Well, I am so greatful for all the hard work that my husband has done.  He painted my classroom AND put that loft back together!  Ouch.  At one point we were both holding up the top layer trying to raise it above the posts and of course my puny muscles gave out on me and I stood there with "wet noodle" arms while my husband lifted the whole thing by himself. 
That is Jersey, my 4 year old, testing it out.  I am so excited because I set up my listening center on the bottom layer of the loft and used an awesome shelf to display my "listen to reading" stories.  Yeah.
My husband, Wes, also picked out the paint colors. I LOVE them.  You can't really see the brighter green accent strip behind the loft but it is so cute. 

This is my "island" or where I project things.  I will have my "carpet time" where the kids are facing my beautiful green wall.  I can't wait to organize my wall with a new calendar and daily reviews.
Of course, a little Tangled for my 3 and 4 year old girls while I work. 

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