Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Word Wall Pride

Ok, this wordwall I used last year and it worked GREAT - even for kindergarten!

So, many people seem to be afraid to let their kinders take words off the word wall but this was a super easy way for them to get their sight words and take them to their seat for journal writing. 
I put my color choice fabric up on the bulletin board, then threw a clear shower curtain up over it.  (That part WAS a little never doing this again! challenging, because I was working by myself to get it on their with out wrinkles pretend you don't see any.  Next I would write the word-wall words on index cards with bright colored markers then just add the words using "ticky-tack". 
 They stick on and off so easily!  Sometimes my words would need to be replaced-but this always made me happy because that meant the kids were really using their word wall to their advantage!
Here's one more shot.  Those bags are our book "bags" instead of book "boxes".  I just assign them a letter and they use the bag all year.  We used these during "Read-to-Self.  I used to teach first grade and LOVED the "sisters" Daily 5 teaching strategies.  I am still working on implimenting this in Kindergarten.  It's a work in progress.  Hope to do better this coming up year!  I might even not assign them a seat!!!!  DID I JUST SAY THAT?  I think my veteran coworker might have a heart attack (JK-love you Rachel!) 

I will post more pics when school starts so you can see the word wall in action!

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  1. What a good idea with the clear shower curtain! I've used fabric, but I've never thought of that!

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