Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fairytale Workstations

Here is what we have been up to in my class!  We started Fairytales last week and  busted out my new workstations.  I was so proud!!! My kids have really gotten the hang of these workstations and once they get started, are very independent.....Well.....most of them, lol.

This was my take on "Trash or Treasure" I have seen on pinterest....The kids are getting so good at this!  I love love love hearing them sound out words and blend them together!

They sound out the picture and add an E to the end of the word to make it a long Vowel word.

 The kids are still trying to get a hang of counting by 10's and then 1's on this one.  As if we don't count by 10's and 1's every morning during our morning message time, hehe.

 On this one the kids have to figure out how many raisins are left in their porridge after they roll the dice.
This was the first time we listened for ENDING blends!!! Whew! Their anwers got pretty interesting.  But we will get better!

I was super impressed each day we did this workstation! They had to use the color posters on the wall to write down the color of the slipper then sound out the picture and write it down.  A lot of them spelled so well!!!

If you like what you see you can find my packet of fairytale workstations on TpT below, enjoy!!!

                                                  Once Upon a Time Fairytale Unit

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