Sunday, May 12, 2013

Icky Bugs and other stuff!

Ok, I just don't understand how people can keep up with there blog so frequently!!! LOL! I have two busy little girls that keep me on my toes so it is hard to post regularly....I have gotten better since last year...Maybe by next year I can post a few times a month-haha!

So we Finished up insects and I wanted to add some pictures to show you what we have been working on! (Yes some of my anchor charts look similar to Pinterest finds....That is how I gain inspiration!!!!)

We Talked about insects first then went into 6 different specific insects and made a fact book with a page for each insect.  Similar to my ocean fact book from last May.

We then talked about life cycles (again) and used pasta to make the life cycle of a butterfly.  (I recommend using a hot glue gun to make the pasta stick!)

 My favorite (beacuse it was super easy) was to talk about the adventures of a lady bug.  I asked each child to tell me where they found their lady bug and then draw it.  I found wooden ladybug stickers at Michaels!!! They added a POP of 3D!  The kids loved them and this was a nice break from our Insect Fact Books (where I make them write 3 complete would think I was asking some to walk on hot coals for that one, hehe).
I love the one that lands on his nose....he gave himself a nice little belly and kinda forgot to draw a nose to go with it!

 We also read the book Hey, Little Ant and watched the song on youtube (Hey, Little Ant Song) We then talked about weather the little boy should step on the ant or not.  We used three fingers and a stamp pad to graph our opinions. 
 Then we wrote about what we wanted the boy to do.  (Now, I usually pull 5-6 kids at my guided reading table to do long writing prompts like this so I can help guide their writing better.)

Our lovely public library for Tom Green Country has an anual "READ TO ME" petition.  All elementary school in and around San Angelo are invited to participate in a "March" around our county court house.  We chanted "READ TO ME! READ TO ME!" to all the local people of San Angelo.

We then crammed hundreds of kids on and infront of the court house for a picture.

After our picture Sam's Club was so generous and provided water and Cheez-its! Then we broke off by class to small groups where high school and middle school children prepared read alouds and skits for us....It was fun!  And the big kids worked so hard!!!  

Lastly I wanted to include a link to my TpT ocean unit and ocean clipart that I just posted! 

Check it out and enjoy!!!

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