Saturday, December 6, 2014

It's the most Wonderful time of the Year!

Before Thanksgiving break we invited all the parents to a Thanksgiving Presentation.  We made turkey facts and wrote about the first thanksgiving. Then we shared a couple poems and a fun song! "Albequerque Turkey"

Next we made our own 120 chart because a number line is just too crazy when it's that long, right?

Some kiddos wanted to be silly when I took their picture!

The kids told me where to cut...such smarties!

Then I gave them Post-It's and told them to draw /th/ things. 

We made a TH wreath. 

On Thuraday we had an administrator visit us during our math lesson. We worked on understanding equality using story problems and a balance scale.

They hard to solve the problem then write a sentence telling what they did. 

On Friday we started our December Strategy Builders for problem solving.  This one is my favorite! I love the Christmas clipart in it!

You can get the December Strategy Mini Journals HERE

We ended the day with skip counting ornaments by twos!

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