Monday, June 29, 2015

End of year fun stuff!

Here are a few end of year projects we did to keep our sanity!
We finished up with our May "Math Strategy" Books where we practiced problem solving.

My kiddos absolutely love the "Strategy Builders".

We saw who was able to blow bubbles with gum and then made fun "Self-Portraits" with balloons for bubbles and crumpled tissue paper for no bubbles.

During the Month of May all of our schools First Graders had a "Nickels for Nepal" fundraiser to help with the Nepal earthquake disaster relief. The kids were very proud to see how much they earned! And took pride in knowing they helped people in need.

The last big project we do is a "Summer Bucket List".  This year I took two different ideas from two awesome teachers in the blogging world and merged them into one activity.  The glasses and self portrait idea cam from Third Grade Love and the bucket list came from Kayla at

I always make sure that my last balloon surprise to pop is "Magic Spelling Foam" (that way I can get the tables cleaned before we have to pack everything up, LOL!) Teachers are such multi-taskers.

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