Sunday, June 14, 2015

Habitats All Around!

Every year I usually develop a level of frustration at my small town status when looking for the perfect Habitat book.  I tell my self, as I dig and dig for ONE book that can introduce the idea of Habitats in a GENERAL way, that I need to just write one myself. HA! As a teacher, WHO has time for THAT?!  This was my third year to go to the public library looking for "the ONE" book describing Habitats.  Don't  get me wrong; there were tons of choices on individual habitats, from tundra, to rainforest, desserts, oceans and biomes etc. But, I always seem to run out of time towards the end of the year to do multiple read-alouds for this topic.  I need JUST 1!

Having expressed my "soap box" issues, I have just broken down and created a Power Point at a beginner level for my Firsties.  Since I am most likely not the only one who shares in my frustration of needing the perfect book but not having the resources at your fingertips, I wanted to SHARE this with you all!  WooHoo!

This is my first time sharing a PowerPoint slide so wish me luck! Not sure how it will turn out as a "Picture Slide show"

Habitat PowerPoint Freebie!

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