Saturday, February 8, 2014

Busy little bees!

We have been moving fast this semester! We will start with MLK Jr.  My kids loved making these simple MLK Jr. crafts!  It was super easy and quick since I already had the face cut outs and eye cut outs as well! 
I love the handle bar moustache! HAHA!

Then we covered Landforms and Bodies of Water

We were kinda fast and furious with this topic so we just made our own maps and labeled the landforms.

Last Tuesday was our 100th day of school and we had a great time!  I made a bunch of 100's chart puzzles for the kiddos to do and hid 100 Hersey's Kisses in the classroom that we hunted down.  We couldn't find #43 for the longest time.  Finally as I was wrapping things up with the whole group at the carpet one of the boys jumped up and RAN over to the paper towel holder and found the sneaking thing on the handle of the paper towel dispenser.  It was pretty amusing to watch his face light up :)
My favorite Pinterest find from last year is the 100 digit creation!  This year now that I am back in First Grade I had to step up the rigor just a bit!  We wrote a story about our 100th day creation.   

I bet you wouldn't have guessed this one was written by a girl, lol! 

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