Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Problem Solving ~ Solved!

Ok, So....With the new math standards for Texas making extreme changes in their rigor for first grade, our district has decided for K-2 to beging teaching with the new standards this year. 

Well, you can see the challenge already......the gap in curriculum and standards.  This has been a huge pull your hair out priority for my grade level.  How do you teach a child to problem solve at the highest level without curriculum or resources that have enough "meat" in them? 

So, challenge accepted, I have been making my own resources to suppliment the gap.  One resource I have made is mini journals that have the "Rigor" and vocabulary that our curriculum checks have been using. My students LOVE to work through these and discuss the different ways to problem solve. 
We typically work most of them together, discussing, explaining, and checking as we go.  I am trying to get them to be independent in their problem solving skills, not just tell me an answer!

Here is a link to a few of the Strategy Builders on my TpT store.   I will get the Back to School, October, and November strategy builders posted soon! 

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