Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Christmas in February?

Ok, Sooooo I am REEEEAAALLLY behind on posting my Christmas stuff but I have been feeling a little guilty and feel that I should!  Here are a few of the fun things that we did during December!
This is actually my coworkers nifty bag!  I usually make one every year to hold our fabric wreaths (silly me forgot to take a pic!!!!) but this year we ran out of time. 

We DID make these awesome hats though!  And of course sang Christmas carols to our parents wearing them!  I LOVED them!!!! They are the cutes hats ever!

This is one of the anchor charts I did for spelling in December.  (Sometimes you just gotta put forth the extra 10 minutes to make it cuter than white chart paper, RIGHT!)

We made "Christmas Tree" poems using only adjetives! They love using a paintbrush to glue on the "ornaments" (aka-rediculously small paper hole punches!)


And Who didn't write a letter to Santa?

Well, that's all I snapped pictures of.  I am kicking myself now because there were so many other fun activities we did that I didn't get on the camera.  It's so hard to live in the moment and "capture" it at the same time! 
Now I have a student teacher, I'll just put the camera in her hands! (If I can even remember to do that!)

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