Thursday, June 9, 2016

Money money money!

Our last unit in Math is Personal Financial Literacy......Which I just call MONEY!  Even though we practice money all throughout the school year I hit it hard towards the end in a big unit.
"Shopaholic" is where the students choose two different items (newspaper clippings) and use double digit addition to find a total for the two items. (If you don't want them to carry over in their addition just make sure no digit is greater than 4 on your prices.)

This game was fun for the kids. They had a bag full of change and had to pinch some money out of the bag, then draw and count it. It was actually very challenging to just do a small pinch and not a handful!

Spill the cup is pretty simple. Each little cup #DollarTreeFind has a letter on the bottom and some change in it.  The students literally spill the cup, lol, and then draw and count the change.

The class favorite was "Scoot It" money version.  I got this from my coworker who used it in previous years at the second grade level but my students did GREAT!

They loved getting to move around the classroom and fill in the blanks on their page.
I don't think I had ever seen my kids work so well in partners as they did for this activity! #Win!

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